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With another plane trip in the works, travel preparations have been in high gear, as are my fears that I will forget something. I’ve made a list, and checked it thrice, but now that a friend has alerted me to the fact that my thrice-checked acupuncture points tattoo is incorrect on one side, I am even more afraid that I will have left something vital off the list. But there are stores, even in rural northern California, and anything I discover I need may be purchased when I get there.

It’s too bad that I’m terrible at sewing by hand, and that it’s not as secure, because I’d love to be able to make stuff while I’m there. I will just have to content myself with knitting my cowl, which I have graciously neglected to do in order to give myself something to do out there. No phone and no internet and a mountain makes for an amazing forced break from the world but will I go insane? Only time will tell. So for now I dream of redwoods and cedars and drizzly rain and fog. I’m kinda hazy on the rest.

Portland is a bus ride away, and I have joined the fixed gear/single speed forum out there and already been offered a loaner bike when I make my way up there. That’ll make it much easier to get around, my trusty map in the back of my waistband and a non-binding itinerary in my head. I’d really like to see what that city’s like, what the people are like, how much apartments cost, what kind of jobs are available, how easy it is to get to nature, what the food’s like, the list goes on…

Mt. Hood

Mt. Hood

There’s a mountain! How ’bout that? How amazing would it be to have the opportunity to look at a mountain every time you go outside?

Willamette River

Willamette River

And a river! It looks to be about the width of the Thames, with easily tamable bridges. Lookin’ better and better!

I will have only limited internet access for the next month or more, so please bear with me and keep checking back! I’ll update as soon as I can.

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(though in actuality, I will be in the mountains of the Fog Belt)

Saturday marks the third time in twenty four days that I will have hopped on a plane. Sleep is fractured, full of strange dreams and I awaken early most of the time. Last night’s dream was being in a flying contest [propelled by one’s own muscle power] where everyone was trying to cheat by pulling down everyone else’s vehicle, which were like tiny Victorian ideals of balloon travel, and then I actually got close to the front and one of the guys opted to lose, himself, in order to lead me wrong and make me lose. Obvious, much?

Until then, friends, friends’ children, Mom & Gma, the beach, and working on my tan.

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Beach yesterday. Went early and left before noon, the better to protect my delicate cutaneous membrane, and discovered that apparently I don’t have to worry about skin cancer quite as much as I thought I did after realizing I was tanning quite nicely, quite quickly. I’ve never tanned very well, so this was a pleasant shock. As I am not the biggest fan of the beach, I did not go in the water (hey, I couldn’t wash off afterward!), just laid about on the sheet that I brought, reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, which I gratefully found in the airport used book store (eh?!) in Wisconsin, on my way back to Florida. Obviously I have a death/zombie theme going lately, thinking over the books that I have read or wanted to read in the last two weeks (the other, that I didn’t get to, is World War Z; I’ll have to make sure I grab a copy of it before I go to California).

Today, water again: my mom’s boyfriend is taking us out on the sailboat. Whee! Hope I don’t get seasick. I didn’t on the powerboat but I am dreadfully prone to motion sickness and had problems the last time I was on a sailboat. Maybe my inner ear has matured since then.

Fear not – I will again work on my tan.


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Chicago is off the itinerary since I had no clue how exhausting children are. I have not slept very well, and have been enjoying doing stuff around the house, riding the bike around occasionally and going to the park, and mostly doing stuff around the house. Since time both drags and seems to suddenly run out when you least expect it, it is now Thursday and I fly back Saturday mid-day.

So today I will be riding 10 miles to Mitchell Park Conservatory, locally known as The Domes. I’ll be heading past Ben’s Cycles again because it turns out I will actually need a chain breaker in my near future and they sell the one I suspect the bike shop in Florida was going to sell me, but $7 cheaper. That works.

Then, I have directions to go to the Milwaukee Museum as well, but don’t know if I’ll get there. Actually, after looking at the site, maybe I will. There are some cool exhibits on. G is going to pick me up after the kids’ nap time, and we will go to the knitting shop she likes. I guess I’m going to learn how to knit! Because I want a few more cowls, and because no one I know, except G (who is overburdened with projects) knows how to knit, a new hobby sounds like a plan. However, I bet I’ll have to check my luggage this time as I doubt they allow knitting needles on the plane, though I could check easily enough. Turns out I can. Sweet. So I’m borrowing G’s 10.5’s and buying a skein of alpaca (super soft and keeps its shape), awesome! Will give me something to do instead of trolling the internet and reading.

Speaking of reading, I’m so happy to be reading again. We went to the library last week and I took out Charlaine Harris’s third in the Harper Connely series, An Ice Cold Grave. Banged that out in two days, then moved on to the Dexter books. Book 1 down in three days, now I’m working on Book 2, which I will take with me to the conservatory. It’ll be nice to read among the flowers.

Otra vez, ustedes trajo un video musical:

Me encanta Shakira, cuando tiene razon o no, no me importa! Pero, en serio, que pasa con eso video!?

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Hunh…I totally had things I was going to write about but can’t for the life of me remember them. This is what happens when a 19-month old is sick and wakes up over and over again all night and the room you’re sleeping in is totally not sound-proof and you’re suddenly, randomly afraid of the dark again.

It’s been hard for me to write for a while, I’ve been worried about England and now England is over (finito, no more country, poof!) and I’m back in the States and trying to figure out how to start my life over again. I have a potential opportunity to go out to northern California for a few months to make money and check out the area. Last night I was all about this, no questions – it was my best bet and I wasn’t keen on going back to NYC. This morning I wonder if I want to go back to NYC. Another option is Wisconsin, here with G and her family. There’s a sizable bike community (they even play polo) and rent is cheaper and I may even be able to find work relatively simply. I like the slower rhythm, as evinced yesterday by sewing and enjoying the view from the dining room table, through the kitchen, into the backyard, watching the branches on the walnut tree be blown around. But I also worry about the cold and having to have a car and not being able to ride my bike mostly-year-round and if it would be too slow.

I feel like I’m stuck in honey and everything’s warped and I can’t see straight and I can barely move. I need someone to push me in a direction and make me go that way. That someone has to be me. I’m tired of waiting for outside influences to create change in my life. I have to make the change.

Por eso, NorCal for a few months is my best bet. I can make money, adelantar my Spanish, most likely couch surf and/or trade massage for rent, see Northern California (which I have been super-interested in) and either go back to NYC or stay there or go somewhere else! when I have decided.

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