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In this post I told you about Spotify (this is the UK link), and I now have better news. Many of you may be frustrated with Spotify’s system of forcing you to listen to a 20 second commercial every 2-3 songs unless you pay for premium. I know I am! So much so that I’ve given up on Spotify and revile its very name.

To the rescue, until further notice, is GrooveShark! Anything that’s on Spotify, and often more, no commercials, just ad banners. You can sign up, you can not sign up; you can pay, you can not pay. What more could a girl ask? It even has Fennesz and Deathprod!

Then there are these amazing peeptoe wedges. I know, many of you don’t care about shoes, but these aren’t just shoes, they are works of art – literally.

The seller calling him or herself hippyofdoom has hand painted these shoes with two different scenes from paintings by one of my top three painters, Edouard Manet. Gorgeous. Too big. Good thing!

The garden has been going well but is almost at its end. We made bolognese from tomatoes from the garden, that was fantastic! I should have taken more photos, I should have updated more, pero eso es la vida…

Hopefully I’ll start writing again. Full-time social worker job and a full social life have arrested much of my desire to post. As always, “we’ll see…”

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