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Sunday morning, heading back south of the river from Bow, I was on the number 78 and crossing Tower Bridge when I looked out the window and had my first I-love-London moment. One day later, walking back over a different bridge at night, bike and boyfriend along this time, I had another. Maybe it’s just the river that I love. I’m not sure at this point because shortly thereafter, looking out over it from a pier, at a pink-floodlit building and houseboats moored at the center, trees lit up with blue and white lights, it just all seemed so surreal! I live in London! I have to learn how to get around on my bike! And on buses! Will I ever feel as well-settled as I did in NYC? I pretty much immediately took to that city though I did need about three years to feel like I lived there and wasn’t just visiting.

Two more days to the wedding! Tomorrow I finally get to meet the boyfriend’s mom, we’re so excited both our moms can be here for this! Many errands to do today; I pick up our rings and exchange his belt for the smaller one, and yes, I will ride my bike there. Eeek! I forgot to ask his help with the route! It’s up to me today, thank goodness I got up early (8 a.m.)!

Grocery store run for ingredients for root veg & lentil soup, homemade bouillon and enchiladas. That’ll probably be two runs unless I go on the bus, of which there are no convenient single-bus runs between us and the store.

We got our dress/suit back from the cleaners yesterday, mine’s floofing in the open bedroom but I still think I’ll need a petticoat. We have shoes, ties, hankies, makeup, jewelry, haircuts, … have I forgotten anything? *grin* We’ll know Saturday, won’t we?

OMG! Panic! Will I get everything done! Gotta get on it, starting with the three Ses.

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Americans will remember the Alka Seltzer commercial where the dude wails that out but in this case, it is not I, in bed at night with heartburn but in the chair, in the afternoon, surprised that I have consumed an entire tub of Kozy Shack chocolate pudding. I have been on a mission to eat as many American delicacies (read that as “junk food”) as possible before I head back to an island nearly entirely devoid of such wonders as the aforementioned pudding, Little Debbie Snacks, decent peanut butter, Moonpies (oh! moonpies! Mom bought me a whole case of them to take back), Steak N Shake’s chocolate shakes, Checkers cheeseburgers, seasoned fries and milkshakes (inferior to those at SnS), Chick-O-Sticks, Miller High Life beer, and various other items. My hit count is pretty high, at present, and I’m sure that other things will spring to mind in the next three weeks.

Yeah! Three weeks left ’til I return to Ol’ Blighty! And then a month until my wedding! OMG, I finally understand why people say that weddings are stressful, but ours is less because of guest list/seating snafus than it is due to having roughly two months to plan it while both participants are out of the country. The boyfriend (neither of us likes the term “fiance/e” but both are happy with husband/wife) is on a 20 day tour with The Raveonettes as backline technician! Apparently this means setting up amps, tuning guitars, and if someone breaks a string on stage, handing them a new guitar and then quickly restringing & tuning the first one. I was really hoping to be back in England by the beginning of next week but who could deny their love the chance to tour with a rock & roll band? They are in Denmark right now. As soon as he begins posting on his tour blog I’ll be sure to add the link to my blogroll. One thing that I think is wicked cool is that some of my friends are going to be at the show in London on the 18th! Crazy, but then they head to Barcelona before finishing on the 20th and heading back to England.

Florida is expecting some crazy weather soon, especially the Tampa Bay region, which is lovely, considering that the temperature is expected to plunge (oh darn) and give me rain through Saturday, the day of my wedding celebration party. At least we have a decent-sized area inside, there may be no need for the screened-in porch to be made use of.

I made totally delirsh stuffed green bell peppers last night, who wants the recipe? Not for vegetarians or vegans.

Alright, time to get hand sewing on a wedding dress. I have a lot to do before 22nd December!

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Last night I had a spill off the bike. A car started encroaching on my lane, looking like he was going to pass me and then stop in front of me, had gone in the bike lane and continuing further into it. I was going downhill, somewhat fast, and slowed down a bit then when it was clear he was continuing into my lane, I accidentally slammed on the brake. Because I was going downhill, and it was a front brake, the back wheel flipped up and I flew over the handlebars, landing on left jaw, shoulder, chest and hand. Got up immediately, had no clue how messed up I was, and ran after the guy and slapped my hand on his passenger window. He rolled down the window and I told him that he was pushing into my lane and just made me flip off my bike. He said, “I was waiting for you.” What, in my lane?

He stuck around, thank god; on my cycling forum we’re all conditioned by so many hit-and-run drivers lately to expect that drivers will just head off. He even brought out a first aid kit. Two other people stopped to help, one ran to a corner store and bought water. I discovered that I was bleeding from the chin when giant drops began falling into my bag when I went to look for something to write the driver’s info down on (and call the boyfriend). We called 999, an ambulance got there in about 10 minutes, they took my bike with us, I went to the hospital, they took xrays, I got my chin glued up, I had to scrub off my own road rash, nothing’s broken, I got a tetanus shot (the last one was likely just before entering college in ’96), I was in and out in about three hours and no one asked me a thing about paying. I’ve been told I may still receive a bill in the mail. We’ll see.

At one point, after the driver kept trying to get out of the blame (it was both of us, he was in my lane, I was going too fast downhill and didn’t employ proper use of the brake), I said to him, “For future reference, even if you are slowing down for me, being in the bike lane makes it so I can’t get around you.” When he brought over the first aid kid he had little tears in his eyes and his face was all red. I was like, “It’s ok, I mean, you know, but.”

No, I wasn’t wearing a helmet. But I have thought over the accident again and because I hit my jaw first, a helmet wouldn’t have helped me at all. In fact, a lot of helmets have stuff sticking off of them that make them worse in a crash, not better. Those retardo-looking Bell helmets that skateboarders wear are actually the best to have in an accident. They received the highest crash-test rating in a comparative study I read last year.

So I’ve bled a bit on clothes that were just sent from the States, and on my tank top (which I will embroider over) but over all I am doing ok. Just tired and sore. Had hydrocodone last night, that was lovely, but it’s ibuprofen today, I don’t need anything more.

Tons of people on the forum have been messaging me today, I missed a great West Drinks night and the boyfriend took a photo and texted it to one of the other guys who waved it around and showed everyone my bloody, taped-up chin. One friend showed up and brought me the chain ring I was supposed to pick up there. Nawrr…

Oh, and the bike is completely ok!

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So it looks like I’m mildly lactose intolerant. But it only seems to affect me with yogurt. What is that all about? The boyfriend can’t really eat more than a little yogurt without it making him a fart factory and after going on a yogurt binge for the first few weeks that I was here, when it was £1 per pot, we noticed that my factory seemed to have mostly shut down. I love yogurt though, so I bought some soy yogurt, wanting to check it out. That crap is not right!! It’s like drinking tofu and I am not all about drinking tofu. So I went back to regular yogurt, had a larger bowl than usual, and was back to Fart City. I don’t want to admit it, but it looks like I can’t eat much yogurt anymore. I wonder if it would be any different if we made our own? Don’t see why, though…

And then there’s the Tesco brand Fruit & Fiber cereal. It’s gorgeous – coconut flakes, banana chips, big ol’ bran flakes, bits of apple, I love it. What I don’t love are the raisins. It’s like every other bowl I either have next to zero (the perfect amount) or 20,000 raisins. It would be so much better with about 30% fewer raisins in the box.

Am I crazy?

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It’s winter, off and on hovering around the lower 30s, and I’ve fallen ill. Sore throat, stuffy nose, dry lips, general malaise. Well, I suppose I can be grateful that it’s the first time I’ve been sick in many months, but I don’t want to stay in the apartment all day. Too bad, it seems like that’s where I’ll be. Good thing I have a store of movies to watch.

Must get groceries, must look for Asturianas, a brand of milk my new American friend determined is the most “normal tasting” to American tastebuds, after extensive taste testing his first year here. I couldn’t figure out what was up with the milk, why it seemed like 90% of milk here was boxed milk, and why all of it seemed to taste like powdered milk. It turns out that they boil the heck out of milk here, to kill off all the bacteria that makes it turn, so it can be stored indefinitely in boxes. Why they do that is still a mystery to me. But that, combined with the fact that I can barely find any cereal not containing insane amounts of sugar has caused me to not look very far for better tasting milk. I do need peanut butter, though, and I’ve been told I can find Skippy at the Corte Ingles at the Argüelles stop. I’ll have to check this out soon.

(My preferred peanut butter has less sugar & hydrog oils, so please please please someone send me some natural peanut butter! Kick start peanut butter, the kind you gotta mix up first!!) (Oh, and some flat floss.) (And some Cheetos.)

The one and only trip today outside the house that I foresee is to the grocery store. I also need to buy a light bulb, mine burnt out. I feel like this happens to me a lot with light bulbs. Does anyone else have that happen or am I just being egocentric?

What I find craziest about getting sick this time is that it seemed to happen all at once. Instead of a suspicious tickle at the back of my throat for days on end, I suddenly felt a bit hot, then had a tickle, then a full-blown sore throat within hours.

My Swedish Institute buddies, those of you still in school, those of you in the medical field, or you geeks who remember this stuff, help my poor ill brain remember what the word is for “onset of symptoms”, please!


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