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A friend I met here, D, and I went to Lisbon this weekend. It was three days/four nights of happy exuberance. We cracked ourselves up, laughing so hard we cried, saw various, wonderful things, ate wonderful food, spoke in Espantugese and played “spot the drug dealer” on Rua do Sao Augusto. It’s not hard. They’re in their 50s or older, shifty, wear sports coats and make eye contact and beelines at the tourists. No, thank you.

More later, when I’ve downloaded pictures and reconstructed events.




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I don’t think I’ve seen so much fog in quite a long time. My arrivals in both England and Spain have been rainy, foggy affairs. It kind of amused me to find “traditional” London fog on my entry there but I’m tired of rain and fog! My first trip out on the bike with the boyfriend we ended up riding halfway through the city in rather a lot of rain. We were soaked and dirty by the time we met O & K at Spitalfields . It is much warmer here in Spain, no doubt; when I left England the temperature hovered around 0° C and yesterday’s temperature in Madrid was 14° C. I’m making quick conversions but once the temp gets away from O° ± 10° I’m pretty inaccurate.

It had luckily stopped raining before I left the apartment yesterday so that forgetting my umbrella meant nothing for the rest of the evening. I was bound for the Prado, whose website proclaimed free entry. It wasn’t until I got there that I realized this was only for Sundays (Edit: There is also free entry most, if not all days, during the last two hours of operation). There were less than two hours left until closing time so I decided to leave the €6 fare until another day. Instead, I took a wander back over to Sol and then followed the 1 line all the way back up to my apartment which in all took about 2 1/2 hours. I got to see sun set on Madrid, the pretty lights strung above streets, and all the people through the neighborhoods of Cortes, Centro, Malasaña, Trafalgar, Chamberí, Ríos Rosas and finally Tetuán, my neighborhood. I think I prefer Cortes y Centro though Chamberí was pretty cool. Partway into Centro, I found a tourist shop and bought a folding map. It’s been indispensable!

Today I waited long past the time the plumbers said they’d be here and by the time I went out, the temperature had dropped considerably and the sunlight was almost gone. I didn’t make it very far on this walk, just down to Parque Santander (Santander is a Spanish bank and probably funded this athletic center) and back around to calle Bravo Murillo and to the Cuatro Caminos stop on the 1 before heading home with the cold nipping at my fingers.

Currently I’m stuffing my face with what I’m pretty sure is the Cheetos equivalent of cellulose packing worms. They have an unsatisfying texture and melt away before you get much flavor. Dropping them in handfuls at a time only offers a sticky film that adheres to every surface of your mouth, but especially between teeth.

Wish us luck on the water thing, we haven’t had water all day and still don’t. I’m thirsty, and I’d really like to flush the toilet!

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