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Prego Pattern

This maternity bubble jumpsuit pattern is what I would call A Terrible Idea. I can’t find a photo of it and the auction is only up for the next five days (I’m really truly seriously tempted to buy it just so I can have the horror for my very own for as long as I want to look at it) but basically, if you read this after the auction is taken down and aren’t able to view it for yourself, the pattern is what you would go for if you wanted to make a pregnant woman look like a very fat three year old. It’s very nearly a pair of footy pajamas with the wide legs that taper at the ankle and box-like torso. Add on, in the case of the middle one, sleeves, and picture it in blue, and bang! Insta-Muppet! I wonder if I would be cool enough to wear the hot-pants length one should the boyfriend (I mean husband!) and I procreate.

The sewing machine has finally been taken to a shop, coincidentally one near O+K, which suits me, and I will pick it up this weekend and (praise be!) begin on some projects I’ve been wanting to make, and have recently ordered from eBay, like this lovely blouse pattern at the left. I can see myself making all three of the blouses but purchased it specifically for the bottom one. Now that I know I will most likely be working in an office, probably required to wear office-like clothes, I’d rather wear stuff like this, that I’ve made myself, than something I had to buy out of H&M or UNI QLO. I prefer this aesthetic anyway. I can get away with dresses at the office, right?

I’d also like to see if I can figure out how to make a pattern for the pair of pants pictured in the ad for the webcomic Humans and Other Myths. I haven’t read any of it, but it does look lovely. Found it on the sidebar of another webcomic I read, Penny and Aggie, an Archie-style comic that sometimes has a Christian bent to it that I ignore (much like I try to ignore the Christian bent I often see if Grey’s Anatomy). I don’t have the skillz of an artist needed to create patterns yet, but I’d like to take classes, so either a) someday, or b) I find someone to barter with. I’m betting on the latter.

Still have some time on the job thing, apparently. I’ll need to get an American-sized passport photo, print out bank statements, and am waiting for a letter from my recruiter touting my hireability. It’s a word, I swear it is.

P.S. It is apparently much harder than it seems to make a mochachino. Maybe that’s b/c I never remember to use espresso en vez de regular coffee. Bleh.

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Him: “The coffee’s weak.”
Me: “No, it’s just not espresso.”
Him: “Or maybe it’s not good coffee?”

Well, I did get it at the grocery store for less than £3.50. I just bought a Bodum coffee press for £20 and am not sure I’m happy about how it makes coffee compared to the stove top cafetiere. £20 for glass and plastic! Ok, and metal.

Today we go to Herne Hill Velodrome. The boyfriend thinks he might race, I think he’s crazy for thinking about racing before he’s ever even seen a track before. But hey, that’s just me. I like to be prepared for things. I don’t have a track bike so can’t even be tempted to race, though I am interested to see what happens; I’ve heard it’s 20 laps and people often don’t finish the whole race. While I’m no pootler, I’m not super fast either so I suspect I’ll just watch the ladies’ races, don’t know if I’ll ever try to race.

London is NOT EASY TO NAVIGATE IN so we’re going to end up having to ride at least an hour to get there, winding through ridiculous paths, going way out of our way. Guess I’ll get used to it someday!

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Can you believe it’s raining again? Oh wait, no, the sky is a beautiful blue. Wait, no, it’s cloudy again. Were it not a complete and utter shock every single time the weather did its highly-varied dance of confusion, I wouldn’t post about it so often. I swear, it happened all within about 20 minutes yesterday.

Yesterday we biked about 20 minutes to The Worst Car Boot Sale In London. At least it was after 8 a.m. and we got in for 60p total. And I did get two cds: Goldfrapp’s Felt Mountain and The Dandy Warhols’ 13 Tales From Urban Bohemia at £2 each (high price for a boot sale, I’ve lost my head for bargaining). Too bad Goldfrapp is boring and I already had a copy of 13 Tales. FYI: Courtney Taylor-Taylor is gorgeous in a slightly frightening way. Maybe it’s the no-bangs thing in that video. Other than that, I got a 15mm spanner (what we in America would call “a wrench”) for a quid and two glass plates suitable for placing under plants in pots for 10p each. Worth the entrance fee, I suppose, just to see the woman selling dying houseplants and to poke through large bins of tools, not to mention the van selling good-smelling yet disgusting roadside food that is, without fail, at every car boot sale.

I’ve decided to post some photos of coffee because I’m happy to be drinking some but also because I want to show to you in still photo form what I go through every morning.

Hand-ground coffee isn’t as sexy as it sounds.

Aaand, perc’ing. I think this is technically a percolator. Finally Flickr decides to work properly!

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Project: Ride a Fixed Gear Bike
Objective: Get it together and become comfortable riding fixed gear or give it up and switch back to freewheel.
Time Frame: 30 days

I am giving myself thirty days from yesterday to acclimatize myself to riding fixed gear without throwing the bike off the overpass near our apartment. If, in that time, I don’t get over being locked into movement, increased fear over unforeseen road events, toe strike and (potentially) haven’t learned how to skid stop I’m giving it up and having those freewheel Campy Record hubs built onto the Mavic Open Pro rims I have. Oh, and I must ride a little bit every day.

Day One:
I don’t consider the short test ride we did the day we put the bike together to be Day One, so it is officially last night, when we rode to West Drinks at The Crabtree. Going there I was quite nervous, we went at a slower clip than normal and I didn’t talk much. The boyfriend said he could tell I was nervous, usually he can hear me swearing like a sailor behind him. Being in motion is fine, aside from the added fear over not being able to stop using my legs should something unexpected happen on the road. It’s the stopping and the starting that are a bit odd. On the way back I was much more comfortable, riding at normal speed with the other guys, climbing hills happily and enjoying myself. We even were shown a new way back that shaved about 10 minutes off the route!

Day Two:
Short jaunt to our terrible LBS (local bike shop) to purchase black bar tape that I was assured they had when I called to check on it. After a slightly dorky moment getting off the curb when I had to make a right turn and forgot about the traffic direction thing I was off to Ealing Broadway. When I got to the shop they didn’t have what I wanted. I might have complained but it wasn’t really a big deal and it got me out on the bike.

When I got back, we had a visit from a fellow forumunger getting a massage from the boyfriend; he made us espresso, properly (I’d been burning the coffee and he showed us how to use the cafetiere the right way), and I am now whacked out on caffeine and listening to a friend’s getting ready to go out mix, titled You’ve Got to Look Good to Feel Good. Dancey stuff that will be greatly enjoyed by another friend, I’ll have to pass it on.

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