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We finally fixed the side gate, the access to our part of the building. It hadn’t been secured since before we moved in and was keeping one of our roommates up at night with the incessant screeeeee-ing and banging in the wind. It’s a pull-style latch and the boyfriend’s worried someone will yank on it too hard and lock themselves out or break it. We decided to put up a sign to that effect and I, of course, immediately knew it needed to be in haiku form. Do you agree? Which of the below proffered signages do you prefer? G’wan, comment to your hearts’ content.

A gentle pull yields
better results than a yank.
A breath, not a gale.

Doors yield to a light
touch of the pull, locking out
those who savage them.

Please don’t yank too hard:
the latch will not function
if broken.

Also: weather’s crap; we had to ride home from Parsons Green to Ealing last night in dreadful rain. My gloves, sweater, pants and shoes are still soaked. Thank god the vans came in the mail today! It was West drinks, moved from The Crabtree to White Horse (the Sloany Pony) in order to be closer to one of our compatriot’s homes – he’s just come out of the hospital after breaking his hip in a fall. We ate delicious burgers and sausages, chitty chatted and then headed over to the nearby home of the man who’d broken his hip. Fell off the bike while going quite slowly: wet tarmac and quick braking (front brake) do not mix. Slight abrasion to right shoulder, hip and knee, left ankle. Good times. The place is pretty wicked and Mr. F makes proper bloody marys. I took one to calm my nerves after the fall, it happened right outside his place.

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