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Boy, it’s been nearly a month since my last post. In that time I have interviewed, dreamed about what I could do with my pay, ridden my bike a lot, flew to another country without my passport, gone to the beach, and gotten a bit of a tan. I also got to hang out with a pretty cool three year old who has discovered, “What?” and its cousin, “Why?”, much to her mother’s and my dismay.

I’ve spent some time sewing, spent some money, hung out, and went to my mother’s wedding reception (the wedding was in Vegas, before I got my passport back). Life has been pretty awesome, but I’ve been too lazy to write in the blog. I’ll catch up soon, hopefully with pictures.

Can’t wait to get back to my husband, my pillow, another pair of shoes (who brings only one pair of shoes on vacation, the pair that still needs breaking in?), and our garden. I wonder how much it’s grown? I hope the peas are flowering, I’m definitely looking forward to that.

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Sunday morning, heading back south of the river from Bow, I was on the number 78 and crossing Tower Bridge when I looked out the window and had my first I-love-London moment. One day later, walking back over a different bridge at night, bike and boyfriend along this time, I had another. Maybe it’s just the river that I love. I’m not sure at this point because shortly thereafter, looking out over it from a pier, at a pink-floodlit building and houseboats moored at the center, trees lit up with blue and white lights, it just all seemed so surreal! I live in London! I have to learn how to get around on my bike! And on buses! Will I ever feel as well-settled as I did in NYC? I pretty much immediately took to that city though I did need about three years to feel like I lived there and wasn’t just visiting.

Two more days to the wedding! Tomorrow I finally get to meet the boyfriend’s mom, we’re so excited both our moms can be here for this! Many errands to do today; I pick up our rings and exchange his belt for the smaller one, and yes, I will ride my bike there. Eeek! I forgot to ask his help with the route! It’s up to me today, thank goodness I got up early (8 a.m.)!

Grocery store run for ingredients for root veg & lentil soup, homemade bouillon and enchiladas. That’ll probably be two runs unless I go on the bus, of which there are no convenient single-bus runs between us and the store.

We got our dress/suit back from the cleaners yesterday, mine’s floofing in the open bedroom but I still think I’ll need a petticoat. We have shoes, ties, hankies, makeup, jewelry, haircuts, … have I forgotten anything? *grin* We’ll know Saturday, won’t we?

OMG! Panic! Will I get everything done! Gotta get on it, starting with the three Ses.

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Wedding Bells

Less than a week to the big day! I have a lot to do today, call a hair stylist, take my wedding dress to the cleaner, figure out how to get an American appliance to work here on 220V (yes, I know, a converter. still have to make sure I have the right adaptors, too, it was bought in Spain), vacuum the bedroom, make the list of people to send invites to, whether or not they’re actually coming to the wedding, give myself a pedicure (is it too early to do that?) and decide which of the borrowed jewelry I will wear with the dress. Oh, and find a piercing shop to have my old septum ring put back in, unless I decide to have a gold one made.


Here are my lovely wedding bell earrings. They even jingle!

I can’t wait to be able to show off the wedding rings our friend made!

We had been pretty bummed because we didn’t think we’d be able to have any family members out here for the wedding, ticket prices being what they are, but last week we got great news: both moms can make it! Not everyone is able to make it out here but for they who can’t there is streaming video hosted by the registry office. Sweet! Both moms arrive on Friday morning, within an hour of each other, at distant airports. So the meet-n-greet will have to take place back at the house, not at an airport or major transport hub since neither of the airports easily link up to the same hub. : ( Guess we’ll all just have to wait a little longer. I kind of fancied a big meeting at King’s Cross, myself.

I suspect this week will be a blur of minutes and hours and preparation and worry over what must get done and then the day will be here and gone and we’ll wonder where it all went!

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Irony of the day: wearing my pink Local Girls t-shirt, sporting two different shades of hot pink nail polish (hey, I was testing out ridiculous pinks) and complaining about when bike companies put pink stuff on women’s accessories.

Bike shipping box, fork and dropout spacers, even tubing foam wrap! procured from LBS and I am now ready to get my bike back to London. I’m so annoyed that I haven’t been able to ride my bike around but I just don’t feel safe riding in Clearwater. Besides that, everything’s ages away from everything else, and if I have to get groceries, forget it. The boyfriend and I together can basically manage any shopping run or random trip to the store but when you’re buying a flat of dog food or 20 thousand cans of soup for your grandma, it’s a bit different. So I have yet another reason I can’t wait to get back to London, besides all the kisses I can handle and finally sleeping next to someone again.

Ooh, cool happening of the day: ran into a good friend from my childhood at the grocery store! She even lives around the corner from my mom, with her two kids! Too cool.

Deep thought of the day: living with a hearing impaired person really teaches you about when it is and is not necessary to vocalize your thoughts.

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Driving to St. Petersburg to pick up my mother, sin cell phone because I do not currently own one, I become disoriented and forget whether or not I am supposed to take the 66th Ave. exit or another one or what and stop to find a pay phone. Walk into diner, no pay phone. Walk next door to motel, no pay phone. Walk into Wing House (knock-off Hooters), no pay phone. Move car, walk three buildings down, find pay phone at gas station. Pay phone eats two quarters. Walk into gas station, am offered use of their phone. Mother does not pick up phone. One voice mail later, proprieters ask what’s wrong. When I tell them that I’m just visiting, no cell phone and lost trying to pick up a mother who constantly leaves her cell phone somewhere she is not, they ask where I’m trying to go. They confirm directions I already knew, and tell me, “You can’t change the person,” and “my mother does the same thing!” and we laugh, and then I walk back to the car and continue on my way to pick up the mom.

Turns out she saw the call but did not recognize the number. I need a cell phone!

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