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I did a little research on my sewing problem, utilizing a gift from my mom, in the form of Nancy Zieman’s book Fitting Finesse, to find out why everything seemed to come out too big, regardless of whether I measured for my size, or how exactly I matched the stated size on the pattern. It turns out that because my bust is larger than what most pattern makers design for by using my bust as the guiding measurement makes everything else too big, hence the too large dress (though 10″ of ease is QUITE large), the too large blouse I’m making, the too large everything. She suggests going by the “front width” measurement but if I go by that I am less than a size 6. Hm.

The thing with vintage patterns, though, is that I’ve made them and they’re not as far off. The little jacket I made fit perfectly. The dress that I made needed only to deepen the darts at the back. So now I just have to learn how to alter patterns because it will be a requirement in anything I make. I’m looking forward to it! At present, though, I have about 6 patterns that may or may not fit me (especially a jacket pattern with no back darts) and I want to be sure they’re right before I cut into fabric.

To that end, I and two friends I’ve met through the LFGSS are going around London visiting fabric shops today, one in Lewisham and one near Hackney. A stopover at one of their friend’s places, in the first part of the day, will allow me to talk to someone about pattern altering and perhaps see if I can pay her to alter mine so I can have something to do until I can find a class. Or maybe I can pay her to let me come over and have her teach me. Then in about a week and a half we’ll end up over at one of their houses, up to the craft room (!!) to work on our various projects all day, punctuated by cocktails and homemade pizza.

Last night was one of those horrible sleep nights where you’re waking up every hour. It’s gonna be a two-cup a’ coffee kinda day.

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Well, we are in a tiny, adorable attic room in East Dulwich the view of which looks out over south London rooftops and reminds us of a scene from Mary Poppins. I found a small crawl space just outside the room at the landing, which I will be using to get as many boxes as possible out of the room. Some are ok, but he is happy to leave them all piled up on one wall of the room whereas I would like to use the bedside table and not have another sitting out in the middle of the open space we do have. That will happen tomorrow, today we could barely get out of the house in order to mail paperwork he desperately needed to get out. I had trouble sleeping, worries and our flatmate’s television keeping me up. Then it seemed every time I turned over the boyfriend had a knee or an elbow poking me in the back or the side and was sleeping on 2/3 of the bed. We’re all stressed and tetchy but we’re out of the apartment and happier for it. Tonight is the drinks night for Southeast London but I don’t think we should go to it. We spent a ridiculous £50 on Sunday and whenever you go out in London, probably all of England, people buy rounds. Suddenly there’s a pint in front of you and you’ll owe that person somewhere down the line. We seem to owe half the LFGSS forum drinks at this point and it’s getting to be a pain. It also means I drink more than I want to. The boyfriend had to get up at 6:30 a.m. yesterday, ride 40 miles for day work with Rollapalooza and then help move, so was out like a light by 10 p.m. We didn’t get up until 9 a.m. this morning. I wish I’d slept longer. I wish it wasn’t gray and drizzly. I like the mattress in here. I have to go have dinner now.

New True Blood and Weeds to watch tonight.

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The boyfriend’s recent forays to school (he’s been on break) to work on his paper in peace have begun to put more of a schedule in my life. I didn’t appreciate that the first few days the alarm went off at 7:15, though. He went again today, and so I keep forgetting that it’s Saturday. This is another bank holiday weekend. What will we do this weekend? Gammagoochie is canceled and that sucks as I’d really wanted to see the Jooks of Kent. Still, I’m quite tired and we have to get up early tomorrow to go to the Chiswick boot sale, then around 3 my pilates/massage trade chick is coming over to give me my first private lesson so I want to be awake and ready to go. We have no coffee. This will be interesting!

Thursday, in place of regular LFGSS West drinks, we attended (me with 144 very successful tiny cookies) the birthday bash of one of the forum legends, Mr. 50/14 (Fiddy). It was awesome, dozens of forum-goers to celebrate one man’s birthday, cakes and at one point we thought the man himself was showing up so lit the 300+ candles, only to find out it wasn’t him. Had to light them again later, it was a major blaze! I met a lot of people I’d not met before but sort-of-knew and confirmed forum and real-life names of several I did.

And here’s another word for you:

Word of the Day
May 2



British : the use of archaisms (as in a historical novel)

Example Sentence
Bridget’s novel, set in colonial Virginia, features an engaging and cohesive plot, but the dialogue contains so much gadzookery that it doesn’t sound realistic.

Did you know?

“Gadzooks . . . you astonish me!” cries Mr. Lenville in Charles Dickens’ Nicholas Nickleby. We won’t accuse Dickens of gadzookery (“the bane of historical fiction,” as historical novelist John Vernon called it in Newsday), because we assume people actually said “gadzooks” back in the 1830s. That mild oath is an old-fashioned euphemism, so it is thought, for “God’s hooks” (a reference, supposedly, to the nails of the Crucifixion). Today’s historical novelists must toe a fine line, avoiding expressions like “zounds” and “pshaw” and “tush” (“tushery” is a synonym of the newer “gadzookery,” which first cropped up in the 1950s), as well as “gadzooks,” while at the same time rejecting modern expressions such as “okay” and “nice.”

*Indicates the sense illustrated in the example sentence.

But…but…I say “pshaw”!

And ooOOoooh! I just discovered that if I highlight what I want to make bold or italicize it wraps it in the code automatically! I ♥ you, WordPress!

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Day 3:
Today was a big day. We met compatriots at The Stonemason’s Arms (4.8 mi) then to the Wilton Arms (1.7 mi) for the LFGSS’s 2nd Birthday party, a lackluster affair due to weather and poor turnout. A short stop in Chinatown for dinner (terrible!!!) then over to Stockwell (approx. 6 mi) for the evening’s festivities.

Gammagoochie! was a success, at least in the respect that a lot of people showed up. We have to increase the number next time and get people out who the organizers don’t know. The Jooks of Kent and The Nuns (all-girl cover band of The Monks) play Saturday, May 2nd, that’s a show I’m really looking forward to. Each of the three organizers took turns spinning soul music, with a little rock & roll thrown in for good measure. The shows are at The Grosvenor, in Stockwell, a 10 mile ride from Ealing.

Mileage Total: 20.5 mi

Day 4:
Ealing to Hackney (with side trip to Stoke Newington), the Polo BBQ event. I was dead tired from the previous day but determined to make it and enjoy myself. I did, albeit I was a tad spacey. We thought we’d end up taking the Underground partway back but b/c of restrictions on taking bicycles into the deep tunnels, we just rode back (20 mi). KNA-ckered!

Mileage Total, four days: approximately 50 miles.

I’m feeling much more comfortable on this setup, surprisingly so, though I do get caught out on occasion taking my foot out of the wrong pedal cage and of course the light changes and I end up looking like an idiot b/c I can’t get the pedal around fast enough to take off without falling off. Haven’t fallen yet. Am on a bad gear ratio, making my knees hurts, and need to change that, ASAP. Before any more long rides. I’m giving myself today off.

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Last night I went on my third social ride with the London Fixed Gear Single Speed forum, the Bridges Ride, where the goal is to do all the major bridges in London. I think it was around 22.5 miles and I heard it was quite a bit faster than the last one, probably due to tailwind (as one person suggested) and a significant decrease in attendance. We started out on the west side of London, at Kew Bridge, and ended up at Tower Bridge. I love these giant rides for the views they tend to afford of London – much more than I’d ever do by myself on any given ride. But there is also something absolutely amazing about riding with a large group of other people. Even when you’re not talking to anyone you feel a part of something, there’s this big bubble of other people around you that’s fantastic.

We went over to Brick Lane, had some salt beef “beigels” (wonky British spelling of bagel), then went to Shoreditch and crashed out at our lovely friend’s lovely apartment. The next morning we all got up, had leftover salt beef bagels, leftover beer, then went out for coffee. Then we wended our way around the Brick Lane area handing out fliers for Gammagoochie!, a garage rock/punk/honky tonk night that the boyfriend is involved with. I looked for new plimsolls, considering mine have a hole in the bottom of one, failed, and met a guy to pickup the Campagnolo Record hubset I won in an eBay auction. After heading over to The Victoria and having lunch with O & K and chitty chatting with a friend of theirs, we rode approximately 12 miles home and will now watch an episode or three of Rome.

My dogs are barkin’! But it’s only to the good, I feel the same as I did the last time I rode, this time I rode more and faster

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