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We thought that with the thaw underway yesterday we’d be able to ride our bikes soon but woke up to this!

Mary Poppins, yo!

As you can see, though, it is already beginning to melt.

Last bit of wedding dress fixery has been completed, only have left to find good dry cleaner and potentially purchase storage bag.

Ooh! Fox just walked through the back garden. They have pale bronze eyes.

OOOH!! The boyfriend just came in and handed me the new Vampire Weekend album, Contra, and the single for Yeasayer’s Ambling Alp on vinyl! I now truly risk overplaying that song.

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Since arriving in London two weeks ago, it has been go! go! go! and I have been riding my bike at least 10 miles nearly every single day. Several days it was more along the lines of 20-30 miles a day. After four months, during which time I only managed four rides, I have lost nearly all of my conditioning and I feel absolutely pathetic on the bike. It was worse before I got my Evelyn back, as the wedding bike is really only a shopper and thus not conducive to even long-ish rides. Both of us can see the change in my pace and I have suffered some physical ill-effects, such as pain at the SITS bones and chilblains. I need more wool socks, new shoes, maybe one more wool sweater and then it’ll be up to my body to re-acclimate to the life of a cyclist.

The boyfriend and I clearly have different paces now, and I’ve just had to accept that and let him go at his pace and me at mine, with him checking in on me and slowing down when necessary. At a certain point my legs just won’t give me any more. So I try to eat healthily, drink plenty of water, get enough sleep (ha! even my hair is tired!) and just keep riding until I’m back up to speed.

The roads at night have been a bit treacherous, you can see frost on the ground sometimes! It’s gorgeous but makes us a bit nervous about taking turns at high speeds, which, after all, is better for me anyway right now! ; ) It is bitterly cold in London, layering is a must, but I have to say, my Milwaukee ES Hoodie is really doin’ me right. Hat, scarf, good gloves, 1 merino wool layer, 1 long-sleeved shirt and I’m set. It’s surprising how warm your body becomes once you get going on the bike.

But for now, the sun is shining, I can actually see blue through the clouds, and it’s time to get on with my To Do list.

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When I arrived in London I had possession of four bags, two of which contained 89.4 lbs of stuff in them by themselves. Traveling from Heathrow Airport to East Dulwich is no picnic, especially when you’re trying to transport a wheeled duffle bag, a giant camping backpack (bigger than dude-sized as the boyfriend said when he put it on), a little blue wheeled cart, a messenger bag and a cardboard bike box. The bike box wasn’t in oversized luggage and I discovered that it had come in on the flight behind me. This was glorious news! Instead of taking an extremely expensive cab, we were able to take public transportation all the way back home. It was an exhausting trip, especially as he had to wake up at an ungodly hour and I arrived at a slightly less ungodly hour.

The next morning we awoke to a voice mail message saying they’d tried to deliver it at 11:09 p.m. the night before. And thus began a five-day wrangle for my bike box, which also contained an afghan my mother crocheted, an awesome 70s pillow I found in the garage, a flannel duvet cover, four sweaters and various bike-related kit. It finally arrived two nights ago!

Apparently the box rated an inspection, as did the wheeled duffle bag, and I’m missing a present that I brought over for the boyfriend. Coincidence?

We made the popcorn and cranberry garland for the Christmas tree!

I wrapped the tubing, put in dropout spacers, did everything I could think of to protect this bike! And there’s my Mashton bag by Archie’s Grobags.

And aaaaaaall put together! We’ve been riding around in the cold and the rain since we put it together but it’s EFFING cold out and I think I might need more woolen layers before I can expect myself to ride every day. Still, it is so very lovely to be riding my bike again, terrible cold weather or no.

Found this video after hearing the song on BBC6 today.

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Americans will remember the Alka Seltzer commercial where the dude wails that out but in this case, it is not I, in bed at night with heartburn but in the chair, in the afternoon, surprised that I have consumed an entire tub of Kozy Shack chocolate pudding. I have been on a mission to eat as many American delicacies (read that as “junk food”) as possible before I head back to an island nearly entirely devoid of such wonders as the aforementioned pudding, Little Debbie Snacks, decent peanut butter, Moonpies (oh! moonpies! Mom bought me a whole case of them to take back), Steak N Shake’s chocolate shakes, Checkers cheeseburgers, seasoned fries and milkshakes (inferior to those at SnS), Chick-O-Sticks, Miller High Life beer, and various other items. My hit count is pretty high, at present, and I’m sure that other things will spring to mind in the next three weeks.

Yeah! Three weeks left ’til I return to Ol’ Blighty! And then a month until my wedding! OMG, I finally understand why people say that weddings are stressful, but ours is less because of guest list/seating snafus than it is due to having roughly two months to plan it while both participants are out of the country. The boyfriend (neither of us likes the term “fiance/e” but both are happy with husband/wife) is on a 20 day tour with The Raveonettes as backline technician! Apparently this means setting up amps, tuning guitars, and if someone breaks a string on stage, handing them a new guitar and then quickly restringing & tuning the first one. I was really hoping to be back in England by the beginning of next week but who could deny their love the chance to tour with a rock & roll band? They are in Denmark right now. As soon as he begins posting on his tour blog I’ll be sure to add the link to my blogroll. One thing that I think is wicked cool is that some of my friends are going to be at the show in London on the 18th! Crazy, but then they head to Barcelona before finishing on the 20th and heading back to England.

Florida is expecting some crazy weather soon, especially the Tampa Bay region, which is lovely, considering that the temperature is expected to plunge (oh darn) and give me rain through Saturday, the day of my wedding celebration party. At least we have a decent-sized area inside, there may be no need for the screened-in porch to be made use of.

I made totally delirsh stuffed green bell peppers last night, who wants the recipe? Not for vegetarians or vegans.

Alright, time to get hand sewing on a wedding dress. I have a lot to do before 22nd December!

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Lately I’m whining about how hot it is, I feel like I’m melting and it’s one third of the way through November. I know I’m just being a wimp, especially after weathering supra-106 F temperatures in northern California. You want to know what it’s like to be cooked, that’s where you’ll find out. NYC and FL have nothing on those temperatures!

I didn’t manage to get more than about 15 stitches done on my cowl out west so this afternoon my grandma and I are going to this big house where a lady has offered space free of charge for people to complete craft projects. I hear tell there will be knitters present and I will be attempting to learn a different technique, in order that I may at least finish this first project and think towards the likelihood of starting a second. I suspect that I will finish this row (knit, slip, knit, slip, … swap!) and then switch to one plain old stitch so I don’t have to count. It’s too much for my brain at this early stage.

Mom and I have been making…well, let’s take a step back. A lot has changed, again. Two and a half months ago I thought I was back Stateside for good but just didn’t give the situation long enough to play out. At the end of this week I send in my visa application to the British Consulate in Chicago. I have a vintage pattern for a wedding dress, I have beautiful blue silk taffeta for a wedding dress, and my mom and I are sewing up a storm.

For those uninitiated into the ways of vintage patterns (*holds up hand*) they are MUCH more detailed than modern ones. I have never seen so many pressings, so many measurings, so many ripping-outs of details than I have with this dress. Which is why I’m glad Mom was too scared to cut into silk without first doing a mock up. Then, there is the why of my conviction, every time I get near a sewing machine, that clothes will just come spewing out of it wholly made. We have a number of items of clothing to complete. I’m only sure we’ll finish the mock-up and wedding dress but desperately want to finish at least one of the skirts as well before I am allowed to return to England (please, please let me come back!) and everything else will be finished and posted within months.

Kept hearing this song out in CA, thought it sounded like Metric, heard it on the radio here and looked it up to verify. It is. Guess they’ve really made it now.

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I swear to god, this country’s weather is insane! I can’t stop talking about it! I want to do a video of a rainy day. It was raining! Then it wasn’t! And the skies were blue! And then the sky was black! And it was raining really hard! And now it’s just spitting.

Forgot to mention, I don’t have mudflaps on the bike. Go go Gadget buttstain!

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For the second time in nearly four years I am in a city faced with a massive transportation strike. December 2005 saw a 2 day strike in New York City. I worked in the city and lived in Brooklyn at that point, and didn’t have any mode of transportation aside from my own two legs. Not long before the strike the MTA had threatened action and talked through it. When they threatened a second time, I knew it would happen and I bought a bike. Except for the first day of the strike, I was off from work, so didn’t need to cycle in. Tuesday, talks between the RMT (Rail Maritime Transit union) and the mayor broke down, prompting a strike from 7 p.m. Tuesday to sometime Friday morning. The RMT has gone so far as to blame Boris for the failure. The same goes for me now, thankfully I’m not working (I can’t imagine having to cycle 20 miles to get to work!), but I do have somewhere to be today, and the lines I’m used to going on face extreme delays.

And so I ride. And because it’s Britain, it’s raining. And then the skies are sunny. And then it rains again. So everyone, please wish me luck! I haven’t been able to afford rain gear yet!

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