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Last night I went on my third social ride with the London Fixed Gear Single Speed forum, the Bridges Ride, where the goal is to do all the major bridges in London. I think it was around 22.5 miles and I heard it was quite a bit faster than the last one, probably due to tailwind (as one person suggested) and a significant decrease in attendance. We started out on the west side of London, at Kew Bridge, and ended up at Tower Bridge. I love these giant rides for the views they tend to afford of London – much more than I’d ever do by myself on any given ride. But there is also something absolutely amazing about riding with a large group of other people. Even when you’re not talking to anyone you feel a part of something, there’s this big bubble of other people around you that’s fantastic.

We went over to Brick Lane, had some salt beef “beigels” (wonky British spelling of bagel), then went to Shoreditch and crashed out at our lovely friend’s lovely apartment. The next morning we all got up, had leftover salt beef bagels, leftover beer, then went out for coffee. Then we wended our way around the Brick Lane area handing out fliers for Gammagoochie!, a garage rock/punk/honky tonk night that the boyfriend is involved with. I looked for new plimsolls, considering mine have a hole in the bottom of one, failed, and met a guy to pickup the Campagnolo Record hubset I won in an eBay auction. After heading over to The Victoria and having lunch with O & K and chitty chatting with a friend of theirs, we rode approximately 12 miles home and will now watch an episode or three of Rome.

My dogs are barkin’! But it’s only to the good, I feel the same as I did the last time I rode, this time I rode more and faster

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