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Homeward Bound?

It’s getting towards the end of my tourist visa and though I have a recruiter looking for work, I don’t know whether I’ll actually find any before “D Day”. So I’ve been making plans to go back to the States for a short time. NYC and Florida are on my itinerary but for how long at each is uncertain.

I had hoped to work in NYC at my old job(s) to recoup some moolah but it appears that the economy has torpedoed that option and with rent there so high and plane tickets so costly I don’t think I can afford even a visit without knowing whether or not I have a job waiting for me in London when I return. So it seems I will be spending time in Lovely Florida, being a loafing oaf and sponging off my mom. Doing this at 31 is a little disheartening but the fact that it’s possible cuts panicking right out so I’m glad for the option. I will return to London with a glorious tan and probably not much money. Ooh, that’s right, I need to apply to defer my student loans. *shudder* I thought I’d be making money by now.

London has been interesting and I’m glad that my plans to stay here seem to be moving forward but it will be nice to see people I’ve known my whole life and to be surrounded by the American accent again though it will be a Florida accent. (A few years ago I discovered that I am apparently an anomaly, for when I visited Florida everyone suddenly seemed to have a Southern accent except me!) I look forward to finally getting back to work and beginning to move in a new-old direction; it seemed as if I’d never be a social worker again having left the field almost 7 years ago but it’s good to know my college degree (which I’m still paying on *sigh*) is still good for something.

So yes, I’m homeward bound, but not yet for good.

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Immigration stuff is scary. Brick wall after brick wall. Haven’t been turned down for anything yet but that’s b/c I haven’t applied for anything. Keep making phone calls, that’s all I can do. My tourist visa is up in August, well before I’ll know what’s happening with my registration at the General Social Care Council, so I’ll have to go back to the States. I’ll need to find a place to stay for several weeks and will have to try to pick up as many shifts as possible. Ideally I’ll find some sort of house sitting gig. That would be perfect.

Anyway, today’s not a great day in terms of mood. And it’s been insanely windy for two weeks straight.

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