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I’m going to England tomorrow! I have to get up at 5 a.m. to make the flight! I’m bringing nothing but a carry-all bag! I can’t wait! This Saturday there is going to be a massive social ride (that means a planned bike route that isn’t a race) in London, I believe it’s sponsored, and is being co-run by a regularly tweedy group of London riders. Tweed Club? Yes, I think that’s it. Unfortunately, I have barely anything that would be considered acceptable wear, it’s down to tomorrow to scour thrift stores for woolen plus fours, harris tweed jackets, flat caps, fair isle jumpers, alpaca coats, merino wool team jerseys, cycling skirts and perhaps a jaunty cape for the ladies, cravats or ties for gentlemen, and of course a hip flask of brandy. Granted, we will find the brandy somewhere other than the thrift stores.

Does anyone know what in the world a fair isle jumper is? Oh, wait, jumper=sweater in England. That reminds me that I left a sweater behind with the boyfriend that I think will do nicely! I’m going as a boy, I can’t be bothered to spruce it up lady-style. Although maybe it would be fun to wear a cycling skirt, whatever that looks like. Perhaps next year.

Today I’m after alfajores to bring to England, porras y chocolate to eat in Spain, and perhaps that elusive pair of argyle knee socks which will match my cap and my sweater. Do I need to match? Maybe if I have every single item of clothing mis-matched I’ll win one of the prizes. Sometimes it’s a pain in the ass to be a thin female, when you like to wear boy clothes is one of them. I can’t find any clothes in thrift stores that fit me, nothing fits because no one’s gotten A, nor will they ever get T, so I end up squashed into a tiny little button-up that gapes at the front. I suppose I’m the only one complaining about that. Eventually I’ll need to get fitted for real clothes at a real store selling clothes to real boys.

Returning to Spain on January 28th, I then turn around and go back a scant week later, for a week. When I return that time, I have vague plans to go see Lisbon with my American friend. As always, check back for updates!

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Well, having your loved one with you in another country is a sure-fire way to ignore everything you don’t want to think about and to spend all your time looking at neat stuff you’ve never seen before. Two and a half weeks flew by and the boyfriend went back to England last night. What do I do now? Why, get a job, of course! I have two conflicting issues in my search for work.

First, I know I understand Spanish decently, but I become absolutely flummoxed when confronted with the majority of the Madrileńos I encounter. My proficiency breaks down relatively early in a conversation and while that’s not necessarily a problem in everyday life, just an annoyance, I worry about whether employers will take the chance on sponsoring me without a better grasp of the language. So I’ve thought about taking a month-long intensive course here in Madrid. I found a place that is much cheaper than others, which is both a boon and something to be questioned, and can afford not only to spend the next three months here, but pay all my bills and still have several months’ income available afterward, should I not find work within that time.

Second, what if I don’t find work within that time? I don’t want to go back, so I’ve thought about how long to give myself here in Madrid before high-tailing it to another city and trying again. A month is the time I can come up with. I need to find work within a month, or at least I need to have exhausted all options of employment here in Madrid that I can find, before trying another city.

Do you see the rub? A month of classes would make me more marketable but I want to find work within a month. Over and over again, what I need to remind myself of is that I have done the math and I know how much money I have and what my expenses are and how long I can stay in Spain even while having enough to start over again in NYC, should it come to that, even if I don’t find work. And that number is somewhere around 5 or 6 months.

So buck up! Do what you gotta do! Find work while taking that intensive course! It gets out early enough in the day that I can still canvas the city looking for the ever-elusive euro.

It’s for real real snowing in Madrid! I need to find some gloves I like!

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I’d heard Madrid was a really late-night city but I hadn’t had too much personal experience with the late hours here until last night. The restaurant across the street is gonna seriously suck come summer, if I’m still here. Various groups of people left its interior and hung around its environs, talking very loudly, from 2:30 a.m. to 5 a.m. when I finally managed to pass out. My sleeplessness couldn’t be completely put down to them, though, The boyfriend gets here today and I’m super excited to see him. I think that was the main problem last night. At least I had bought a book the other day so I could while away the time with that. I’d needed something to read and books are expensive here, so I went for the biggest one I could find, regardless of whether I’ve read it before or not. I haven’t read it in years, so the details are all new to me.

I finally woke up around 10:45 a.m. and turned on the computer to see that the boyfriend’s flight has been delayed, then delayed again and he won’t even leave London until 12:30 p.m. Thank god it’s a super short flight, only about 2 1/2 hours. At least I have time to further neaten the apartment now. On that note, I had another stick of butter but I can’t seem to find it. Where does butter go when your roommate barely eats at home? Oh, there it is, in the butter/cheese drawer. Silly American, putting the butter where it’s supposed to go.

The problem with the boyfriend getting here so late, aside from the poor guy having to figure out how to fritter away 3 hours in the airport, is that we were to go pick up a much smaller desk from a guy. We need this because the room I’m in is so small that fitting two twin sized beds in it is going to be a bit like playing Tetris with the giant desk that’s currently taking up about 1/3 of the space. Back to the drawing board? Maybe I can move it myself. Ha, that’s a joke. Unless I can take it apart without materially weakening it. Whatever happens, we’ll figure it out. Problem solving is a specialty of mine.

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