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I’m in Wisconsin, visiting G and her family, especially her two young children, one of whom I hadn’t met yet. After a couple of days, they figured out I was OK and now I’m getting hugs, hand-holding and baby night night kisses. It’s pretty funny. I’m also learning how to decipher childspeak which is where the subject line came from. Yesterday we went to Menard’s (~~~save big money at Menaaaaard’s!~~~~) and I saw these giant blow up figures at the top of a staircase. I decided to take the kids up there to see the cat and about a third of the way up the littler one pulled my hand to make me stop and said, “It’s huge! It’s huge!” I had to help him down the stairs and back to Mommy, who got him to come back up the stairs and look at the giant cat. That part went just fine.

Today is G’s birthday party and I’m wearing shorts with tights because I didn’t expect it to be cold up here, despite having to always keep a sweater on me while out and about in London. At least my legs look good.

Next week I plan on trying to get out to Chicago. Apparently there’s a commuter train that’ll get me out there pretty quickly. I’ll have to take saaaammiches b/c I’m poor and don’t want to eat Chicago-style pizza, no matter what you say about it. I’ve had it before and it gave me the worst GI distress I’ve ever had excepting the two times I had to go to the ER in college for mystery stomach pains (neither time involved alcohol). Yesterday I rode around Milwaukee on a borrowed bike, the kind that is the reason people don’t like to ride bikes, and went to Ben’s Cycle Shop, a place I’ve been shopping from online and sending customers to for years. It was about an 8 mile ride there, along Lake Dr. which took me beside Lake Michigan. I’ve never been on a lake so big that I couldn’t see across to the other side. It’s weird. Ben’s makes their own frames, one of which, the Cream City, I’m especially interested in trying out. I think I’d like a new frame, mine having too much toe overlap, and I’d like to try it before I leave so I can see whether it would be a good idea to buy one eventually.

In other news, my consumption of children’s television has again gone up and I’ve found one called Lazy Town. Here is Robbie Rotten, who totally amuses me.

Ok, maybe the continuation is better.

But seriously. This show is so weird! Can someone explain exactly what weirds me and every other adult I know who’s seen it (admittedly, not a representative sample) out so much?

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Taking Stock

Life has changed in a big, dramatic way for me in the past few weeks – in a number of ways I’m not entirely comfortable discussing online, but the upshot is that I am back in the States for good. Currently in Florida, soon to be visiting Wisconsin, and then deciding whether I possess sufficient temerity to move myself to a completely new city (Portland, OR or maybe somewhere in northern California) during an economic downturn, or if it is better to return to the town where all my stuff and most of my friends are: New York City. Where I go will depend entirely upon where I can find work. Massage, social work, the combination of the two, albeit not at the same time, is my eventual goal. It will be nice to have the steady paycheck and schedule of a social worker, punctuated by the ability to take time off and also to see immediate results from my work when a massage client feels better as they walk out the door. Currently, I need to decide whether trying to launch my own business with the rest of that part-time schedule is a good idea, or whether refilling the coffers and spending a year or two contemplating life, liberty and the pursuit of a home and future is a better one.

Today I got my bike back from the new (to me) LBS and rode it the short distance from storefront to home. The saddle is too high (easily remedied) and I dislike the big, open streets and unfamiliar traffic patterns of my hometown. I cannot imagine living anywhere it is truly unsafe to consider a bike my main means of transportation. It is also too hot in Florida. I can no longer imagine living anywhere that does not take me through more than two seasons per year.

It is time to contact friends and past employers and blag my way back into NYC.

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